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Our services

Cloud Architecture and Conception

We use the advantages of the cloud to develop strong products for our customers.

Fullstack Software Engineering

Development of customized individual software. We are fluent in Java and JavaScript and love Continuous Delivery.

Agile methodologies, workshops and trainings

We are convinced that besides Scrum, agile values and principles are the right way to master challenges in a complex environment.

Cloud architecture and conceptual work

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Cloud Engineering

We offer technology consulting as it should be. Not just architecture diagrams, but hands-on in the code. Not just the prettiest technical solutions, but first understanding the problem and then finding the most direct way to solve it. Not just contract work, but understanding, defining and achieving the goal together with the customer.

We leave out what is not needed. We focus on the things that create value for our customers.

Fullstack Software Engineering

Individual software - Individual teams

We implement your requirements with agile, cross-functional teams. Front-end, back-end, testing and Devops experts work together in one team. This guarantees that the necessary expertise is available for each area. This type of team composition also ensures a high level of productivity and individual software, which ultimately benefits the user and the customer.

Test Driven Development, E2E-Tests

Manuel testing of software is time-consuming, not very reliable and therefore expensive. Our development teams do not only program the code, but follow the Test-Driven Development approach. End2End testing ensures good code coverage. The written test code can be easily executed in an automated way through an existing build pipeline and thus improves the quality significantly.

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Feedback and Review

For early customer and user feedback, we demonstrate the current status of the application to be developed after each iteration ("sprint"). We want to make this status productively available to the end users as early as possible. To ensure quality, tests are created and regularly executed automatically.

Continuous Improvement

No project is like the other. Therefore, we scrutinize the development process in regular retrospectives to identify potential for improvement. If there is a need for improvements to the approach or technical implementation, we make the appropriate adjustments. Agile experts, such as Scrum Masters and Team Facilitators, support the team in making improvements.

UX/UI: User Experience

For us, Fullstack doesn't just begin with programming, but starts with product design. We design digital products not only to look good, but also to be good and easy to use. This excites customers and delivers real added value. We have the right tools and a dedicated team to assist in a UX process. A good user experience (UX) only comes from a holistically thought product. That's why we offer everything from a single source: from brainstorming and conception to development and testing of highly complex, user-based and individual products. We provide support in an agile finding and development process, so that the users of tomorrow love their products.

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Frontend technologies

The JavaScript ecosystem offers countless possibilities for developing your frontend, which is your user's interface to your product. Not only does it need to look good, but it also needs to work well and be flexible to user needs.
We help you make the right decisions and choose the technologies that fit your product. An important step on the way to your successful product is choosing the right technology. Take advantage of our expert knowledge, we will be happy to advise you on this important decision. We will build your customized frontend on your behalf. Take advantage of the synergy effects of our experts, who are already coordinated with each other.

Backend technologies

Wherever your challenges lie, our broad experience enables us to advise you holistically and independently in order to find a balanced solution together.
Scalability and ease of operation are important to us right from the start, so that the software can be used productively at any time and is also prepared for future requirements. During development, we rely on proven open-source technologies and use modern practices, such as Microservices or continuous delivery, in order to be able to deliver high-quality results quickly. Your data is close to our hearts, which is why we are happy to advise you on the various options for storing it securely and with high performance. We are ready for the cloud! We master the native cloud services of various providers as well as cloud-agnostic technologies.

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Agile Methodology, Workshops and Trainings

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Agile Trainings and Workshops

We like to work a lot with agile methods and frameworks. Kanban and Scrum are our main focus. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience in our trainings and workshops. Several times a year we conduct advanced trainings for the Scrum certifications Professional Scrum Master 1 (PSM1) and Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 (PSPO1) in free bookable trainings. We are also happy to offer individual trainings and workshops on request. From practice for practice.